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Thread: VMware esxi and multipath I/O

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    Default VMware esxi and multipath I/O

    After reading some other posts on the internet and doing some testing with Iometer, I would recommend these changes to the configuring of multipathing (from the presentation of "Open-e V6 MPIO with Vmware ESXi 4.x"):
    on page 8 from the presentation: esxcli nmp roundrobin setconfig --type "iops" --iops 1 --device <device UID>
    remove the line about which changes the bytes.

    General benchmarking:

    Here are some other related posts about it:


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    Default Quick correction

    Just to clarify, the presentation states to set the iops to 100, whereas I found it is best to set it to 1. That way it evenly spread the load to all nics.

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    It really depends on the workload. I find that configuring MPIO on linux is not that different either as a value of between 1 and 1024 generally works the best.

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