Good morning,

we have now our second storage system based on DSS-Software and again we have
trouble to setup the system as described in the documentation.

We have an older DSS V5 system running as mixed CIFS/NFS file server in a simple
configuration with a local user database (UIDS and GIDS set by GUI for about 200 users).
No additional features except the snapshot feature will be used on this system.

Now we like to transfer all this settings to the new DSS V6 (6.0up75) storage.
So we exportet the GIDS and UIDS settings from the old storage to import them into
the new one. But this failed with the simple message "import failed" in gid_mappings_import.log

Message in GUI is as follows:

Error - GID mappings upload finished with errors.
For more details read gid_mappings_import.log in logs directory - GID.

Some additional tests we have done:

Then i created some groups and users on the new system by using the GUI. This works.
Then i exported the GIDS and UIDS from the new system. This works also.
Then i modified the CSV-exported files as we have done on the old system and tried to
import. This import failed for both, users and groups.
Then i exported a CSV with 25 GUI created groups. This simple operations works.
Then i deleted one group within the GUI, so we have only 24 groups.
Then i exported a new CSV file and i got one with 25 groups. The deleted one, which will
not be shown in the GUI anymore is in this export file. Strange but not the top of bugs.
Now i modified this fresh exported CSV file by simple changing the group ID between
two existing groups and importing this successfully. Now i see no changes in the GUI.
The deleted group is not visible and it shows up only 24 groups. Hmm.
Then i have done a export again to check if the GIDS have been imported correctly.
GUI says export was successfull but CSV file includes nothing. Yes, the file is empty.

Can someone take a close look on this problem. I found a second thread in this forum
which is a year ago with no answer. The problem sounds 100% the same on importing GIDS and UIDS.

No, we did not want to get the system in AD nor we will setup a NIS server.

I have deleted the CONFIGURATION to check if this is a reproduceable bug and it is.

Any solution is welcome because the system is not usable.