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Thread: Datacenter redesign

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    Default Datacenter redesign

    Good afternoon, all!

    In my project to redesign my datacenter I want to add network adapters to my current DSS servers. No big deal? Or will I have to back up and reinstall?



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    You will have to watch out for nic reordering..
    Why do you feel you'd need to reinstall?

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    We always recommend to have a backup of your system.
    Adding a new NIC card to the system should not be that big deal that need a reinstall or else.

    Also try to save your configuration and setup settings from the GUI: MAINTENANCE -> miscellaneous -> Function: Save settings. in case if you need them.

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    Default Datacenter redesign

    Thanks for the info!

    Some Linux-based systems only run hardware discovery on install, forcing a reinstall to recognize new hardware. In this case, it seems the only major issue is NICs being recognized out of sequence - which is a known irritant in Linux.


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