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Thread: Change from NAS 2.0(problems with win7) to DSS 6 lite

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    Default Change from NAS 2.0(problems with win7) to DSS 6 lite

    I am Nescafogold from Germany.
    I had since 5 years NAS2.0 and was happy.
    Now I changed my other 4 PCs from Win XP to Windows7 (64 and 32).

    The connection with NAS2.0 now has problems.

    Read no problem.(You could follow/see mpg files /video.)
    Copy from and to PCs with bigger files and as a mass is impossible, small ones no problem,
    But long copy time , and so on....

    I think, I have to change to DSS lite ?
    Now my question:
    Is it possible to overwrite the old NAS2.0 in the way I do an update with 2.0 ?
    Or do I have to set up all new?

    I dont want to loose my user-names/groups/rights/structure.
    And I dont want to save my files on another target.

    If I have to set up all new with DSS lite, in which way do I have to do this? Via DVD ?

    Is there another help, using NAS2.0 with update or anything else, as "never change a running hourse" is right ...... Is the Problem windows7/64 ??

    4x 750GB ST3750640NS =3TB
    Disc Manager: size: 2190.43 (???)
    3Ware 9500S-4LP
    SN D19004A5331242
    Firmware: FE9X
    Netwerk Controller:
    Giga-byte Technology GA-K8VT800 Pro Motherboard

    Sorry about my english - if anyone could help me and speaks german, it would be very nice!!!!


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    You will need to start new as the Lite version wont see the volumes from the NAS 2.0.
    2010.09 Installing Open-E DSS V6
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    ....and what is the problem???
    Is it windwos 7 ???

    THanks so much

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    Default No Chance

    to work with the old system together with windows7 ????

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    Default No answer to my question?

    Is it possible to work with NAS2.0 without problems togehther with windows 7 ?????

    I need only a simple answer.......

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    I'll send a link FTP to your email account with the Forum and testing a new version. So I can give you the product key file. I think it will work for you. We will publish the new official until next week.

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