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Thread: FTP Upload Problem

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    Default FTP Upload Problem


    I am using DSS V6, Version: 6.0up75.8101.5377 32bit running under the 60 day trial. I have set up a server running software raid 10 using 4 1TB hdd. I am using this as my media storage, pulling the data out to my dlink dsm-520 using ushare on an ubuntu 8.04 box. I mount the share using nfs (Ubuntu) and give the files to ushare.

    I am ripping my movies in both windows (xp) and linux. When using Windows, I upload the files with FileZIlla. I am having multiple FTP issues:
    • Slow transfer
    • FTP disconnects from server constantly

    I had two gb nics bonded and thought that might be an issue, so I removed the bond and am currently running 1 management nic ( and 1 share nic ( It made no difference.

    I am not sure what is the cause, but the file transfer could be faster and it could stay connected. Please advise. Thank you.

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    What is your NIC card brand ? is it Intel or else, also did you update your RAID controller BIOS to the latest build.

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    Intel box with 1 intel 100mb nic, 1 intel gb nic, 1 aftermarket gb nic.

    Promise FastTrax TX4310 RAID Controller. I have not modified it.

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    We have a small update for intel driver for DSS build 6.0up75.8101.5377 that should make the speed and performance much better.
    Small Update names:

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