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Thread: tape drive recognized via iscsi in Hyper-V VM

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    Default tape drive recognized via iscsi in Hyper-V VM

    I want to attach a SCSI tape drive directly to a 2008 R2 host. I then want a VM running on that host that has installed on it the same tape backup/restore software that created the backup on the attached tape to be able to access and restore from the tape. Does Open-E iSCSI do that? If so, can I be provided with the links for the setup.
    Any assistance is appreciated in advance.

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    DSS V6 has the ability to perform backups to a Tape Drive to back up the NAS Shares only.

    See link below for all about Backup.
    Open-E Backups
    2010.09 Open-E Different Backups

    2010.09 Open-E Backup to attached Tape Drive

    2010.09 Backup to attached Tape Library using Open-E DSS V6
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    I am not looking for backup software - I already have backup software. I am looking to have a SCSI backup unit attached to a computer recognized from within a 2008 R2 VM. ISCSI target software I believe can do that. I just wanted some detail on if and how Open-e's ISCSI target software does that.

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    DSS can broadcast a target or use its initiator to connect to an existing target someplace else.
    If you can use this scenario to back up to/from... go right ahead.
    If you look at the resources To-M posted you will see that NAS volumes can be backup to a connected target with virtual tapes, and restored from the same virtual tape. More optins are at the same link as well.

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