First server worked with 2x1TB HDD.
Bought extension key, added 1,5TB drive and added it to volume group 00.
Then bought another 1,5TB HDD to create software raid1,
I removed 1,5TB shares and deleted it from volume group 00.
It didnīt let me use old 1,5TB hdd so I deleted it in console.
Then I added all drives and discovered that I canīt make software raid (exeeded my licens)
so I used LSI raid controller and another computer where I made hw raid1(with my 1,5TB drives).
But now I canīt access my old 2x1TB drives- it shows 2 unknown drives in unit manager.
I but them back to old pc and used old DSS flashdrive (what I used before I bought extension key) but still I cant access my folders, it still shows that I have 2 unknown drives in unit manager.
How I can restore them to access my stuff?

sorry my english sucks, hope someone understand this.