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Thread: DSS6 Lite Product activation

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    Default DSS6 Lite Product activation

    Getting simple error on online product activation: Internal system error...

    Telnet to port 25 or 10444 is working, from cli console ping is ok. Downloaded hardware stamp file and sent it to activation address as plaintext mail and only attachment included. Got answer:

    Activation error.
    Invalid attachment file. Preactivation file was not found in e-mail attachments
    Please attach a valid preactivation file and send it to .

    Model: Data Storage Software V6 Lite
    Version: 6.0up75.8401.5377 32bit
    Release date: 2011-05-06

    3 days left...

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    Try to send it once more today and I will check for you.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Thanks. Now got registering file back.

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