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Thread: UID/GID modification and futur use

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    Wink UID/GID modification and futur use


    running a DSSv6
    Model: Data Storage Software V6
    Version: 6.0up75.8101.5377 64bit
    Release date: 2011-05-06

    I would like to use it as main ldap system to then be able to share folder over nfs/cifs.

    But with current linux, UIDs start over 1000 when DSS UIDs start at 100.
    well, I thought like linux, if I create a user with UID=5001
    then the following would be 5002 and so on.

    well, it doesn't.

    DSS keeps creating user with 107, then 108, 109 ... even if I have a user with uid 5001

    Well, I just have a try on my linux, I have two different use :
    useradd mynextuser => get uid 5002
    adduser mynextuserbis => get uid 1001

    might be some script to modify on DSS :
    - either to use useradd then chpasswd
    - or to modify adduser to check highest UIDs then do +1 on it.


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    Default just to add the following option I forgot to set first

    please answer below this post as I could be notified of your answer.

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    Default [UPDATE] Import/Export of GIDS and UIDS


    make sure you are running 5626 and Small Update that you can get from support team.
    Please contact them via User Portal and ask for it.

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