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Thread: low write performance on FC target

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    Default low write performance on FC target

    Hi everyone
    I'm usind DSS 6.0up80.8101.5605 64bit on Supermicro X8SIE board with LSI 9260 controller
    I connected 24 Seagate 2TB HDDs to the RAID adapter and created R6. I've made a full init of volume. I made a FC target. Other system with W2k8 OS sees FC target with no problem. Read speed from the target using 16MB block is 350MB/seс. but, herу is the problem, write speed is unstable, no matter wich block size is using, and it is changing from 100 to 340 mb/sec. I want no know how to stabilizng wtite speed.

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    Check that you have Write Cache enabled on the controller.

    Also if you have not placed data on the volumes but only for testing then you can delete them from the Extended tool then use the link below to test your read and write speed from raid array to determine if it is the controller or other.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Hi To-M
    Thank you for your answer.
    Cache mode is set to AlwaysWriteBack
    From the Benchmark menu I get the next result
    READ 971MB / sec
    WRITE 1.1GB /sec

    Any ideas?

    PS I tried to change QLE2462 to QLE2562 on both sides, and I got the next result
    READ STABLE 650MB /sec
    WRITE UNSTABLE (witj a lot of interrupts) from 150 to 400 MB / sec

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    Hi Kai,

    Have you ever managed to resolve this issue

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