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Thread: Open-E as VM?

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    Default Open-E as VM?

    Has anyone tried Open-e Lite SAN running as a VM? What is the recommended VM configuration? How much CPU and RAM should be the optimized performance?

    After installing it to a 256GB vmdk, it was not able to see any available unit to use with this message: No system volume found. Do I have to manually set a new partition for it to see an unit?

    btw, we decided to give up on SANmelody because it often freeze up iSCSI traffic without any reason once every few weeks.

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    Give it 2GB of memory and 1 CPU should be enough, make sure you carve out 2GB for the DSS Lite and then add disk space for the rest to be used for the Volume. See the video below on how to do this.
    DSS V6 - installing as a Virtual Machine
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    I found out the reason. DSS is not able to use the first vmdk file it is installed on, as it's volume. Even if the vmdk has been split into different partition. I have to add 2nd vmdk for it to use as it's volume.

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    thats by design. Even with a physical System.

    Open-E is running LUN based, not Partition based.

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