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Thread: Shared subnetwork?

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    Default Shared subnetwork?

    We have SANmelody and Equal Logic SANs and we have always setup separate but common/shared subnet for our SAN storage. However, we are shock to see a warning from Open-E when we attempt to setup and use our common shared subnet for iSCSI network. Why is this so?

    If Open-E is not able to use a common subnet for all the ethernet ports, does this mean that we can't setup NIC teaming since the ethernet ports must be all on difference subnet?

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    same subnets are allowed... . u just might need static routing if it becomes an issue

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    Won't static routing disable iSCSI MPIO multipathing functionality such that if a path is broken, it no longer able to auto-route to other alternative paths since static routing fix it to a single path?

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    btw, when I attempt to configure round robin using the guide [Open-E_DSS_V6_MPIO_with_ESX4i_4.1.pdf], ESXi feedback that:

    Device Does not use the Round Robin Path Selection Policy.

    What went wrong?

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    You should be able to manage the paths - see the video from the link below w/ ESX.
    2011.03.15 DSS V6 iSCSI-Failover and Multipath with ESXi4.1
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