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Thread: Anyone using ESXi 5 yet?

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    Default Anyone using ESXi 5 yet?

    I am just curious if there are additional tweaks for using open-e with esxi 5? Any experiences good/bad?

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    I started trying out ESXi 5.0 this weekend. We are having some troubles with it though. I cannot get it to see the iSCSI volumes, and it has this ESXi bug:

    Warning to all! That bug made my server, with about 9 iscsi volumes, take literally hours to reboot. I would highly advise against upgrading to ESXi 5.0 if you have more than a few volumes.

    Now, about it not connecting to our iSCSI volumes. Remember that it is not yet qualified for 5.0. Any idea when that might happen Todd? However, this problem may be because we are 3 versions out of date. I want to upgrade to the latest version prior to doing any further troubleshooting with it.

    However, for the version we are on, it can discover the volumes once the right data is input. However, it never connects to them. Also, inside of Open-E it never shows as connected.

    Those have been my experiences thus far. I'll post back once we've upgraded Open-E to the latest version to see if it makes any difference.

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    5.0 will be certified next in Q1 (later part) due to the fact that we are working on a newer product and we want to certify with this newer product. I have some customers working with 5.0 fine and I will be testing it later this week.
    All the best,

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    Interesting, that makes me suspect our setup then. Though as stated, we do need to update to the latest release. Hopefully that'll do it . The iSCSI boot issue is a pain, but to my knowledge VMWare is working on a patch.

    Thanks for the heads up Todd. It's reassuring that others are working with it successfully. And a rough ETA is always helpful.

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    I wonder how this compares to NexentaStor in terms of performance / speed.

    Any experience between the two?

    John Galt
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    Default Having Issues with ESXi 5and iSCSI

    We have three hosts running with 2 SANS.

    Out of the 3 hosts 2 of them are running ESXi 4.1 Upate 1 and one is running ESXi 5.

    We are having the slow boot up issue with the Host running ESXi 5. It gets stuck at iSCSI_vmk_loaded_successfully

    When the server does boot up I do not have access to SAN1 but I do have access to SAN2

    SAN1 is running DSS V6 Version 6.0up55.8101.5087
    SAN2 is running DSS V6 Version 6.0up55.8101.5626

    I am going to update my SAN1 tonight to see if that fixes my issue.



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    update to dss6.0up85_b5794, and see if it still hangs on boot.

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    Default Did that too

    Yep I did that too. I ended up moving back to 4.1.0 Update 2. Once I did that everything came backup I see both of my SANS now.



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    Default We Updated

    We finally updated to the latest version last night. ESXi 5.0 see's all iSCSI Targets just fine now. Tomorrow I'm going to reboot the Node and see if it still takes forever rebooting.

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