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Thread: Cannot see any Volumes

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    Default Cannot see any Volumes


    Just evaluating the Lite Version. I have installed it onto a 2GB partition on a 20Gig disk. I have then created another partition on the same disk from the remaining space. Boot into application fine. When I access it via web I cannot see the other partition to create my volume etc. I have installed a slave disk and can see this fine via web front end. Why is this? I only raise the question because if I am to use the application in anger I would probably install it on a RAID5 disk array that has been partitioned. Or is this wrong?

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    The lite version does not support hardware RAID.
    The system needs to use storage media seperate from boot media in this case.
    Try installing the DSS to a 4gb usb thumbdrive.

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    I am not using an RAID cards in the eval server. Also, if I use the USB stick to boot, how does the system remember any settings when the server is rebooted? what version do I need to support HW RAID Controllers?


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    Have you already checked readme_5626 (release notes for the latest DSS V6 build)?

    --------------------from readme 5626-----------------------------------
    In order to install the software on separate LUN, please use RAID controllers with multiple LUN support. Please create a small 2GB logical unit for DSS V6.
    When Running DSS V6 installer you will need to select the 2GB logical unit as the boot media.
    The rest of the RAID space please create second LUN for the user data.
    The following RAID controllers are supported as a bootable media:
    MegaRAID, Smart Array, 3ware, Adaptec, ICP vortex, Areca.
    For Smart Array please use the RAID management CD as the RAID BIOS does not support LUN management.

    DSS V6 can be installed either on H/W RAID unit or on usb memory stick.
    If you install it on a hard drive it will reserve the whole drive and it won't be possible to use the free space for volume group.

    Only trail and full versions of DSS V6 supports H/W RAIDs, DSS V6 Lite version doesn't:


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    OK. last question - does this version support DELL PERC controllers?

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    You can check our website at:

    and you will see that we support Dell PERC.

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