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Thread: Remote Support Connection doesn't stay open

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    Default Remote Support Connection doesn't stay open

    Not sure what's going on, but the remote support connection doesn't seem to remain open. It will randomly disconnect with "Remote Support: Remote support connection problem has occured. Remote support deactivated." Sometimes in as little as a minute, other times in about 2 hours. This is due to an open case on the RS25DB080 (and LSI 9265/9285) battery not appearing in the web interface issue.

    I'm trying to leave the remote connection open for German time zone (CET, as per Greg), but it's almost 3AM for me, so I need to get to sleep.

    We'll be moving both servers to our data center today to put them into production. Do remote support sessions sometime require the remote support technician to reboot the server (and if so, is the customer notified of that necessity beforehand)? I just want to make sure that the servers won't be impacted once they're moved.
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    It usually means connection issues causing DSS to be unable to renew ssh. If you are able to forward ports on firewall and enable remote console access to your DSS we will be able to login and enable RSS ourselves when needed and you could finally go to sleep

    Yes, it may happen that reboot of server will be necessary during RSS session but please do not worry as we always inform customer and ask for permission.
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    Thanks for the reply

    I'm guessing someone is logged in right now (I see a "User logged in from")?

    I'm going to get some sleep and if need be, reinitate the remote support session once at the data center. Since it is going to be a weekend, I'm sure it might be okay to reboot it if necessary.
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