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Thread: Vmware 5

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    Default Vmware 5


    we have some ongoing Projects, I like to use Vmware5 with them.
    Is it save to sell Vmware 5, and Open-E.

    Open-E Partner and OECE

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    Default [UPDATE] Vmware 5


    Good timing as we are researching Vmware 5 with Open-E DSS V6 in our LAB.

    We will keep you posted from our side

    Any feedback from your side already ?
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    Not Yet. Because I have to build my Testequipment.
    I will give feedback if I have any.

    Do you have feedback for me?
    Open-E Partner and OECE

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    Default Certification

    We will be performing certification process for it shortly.
    I 'll keep you all updated

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    We are also interested in VMWare ESX(i) 5.
    Will you be shortly certified for VMWare ESX(i) 5? That'd be great. Already have customers asking about it.

    Has anyone used DSS v6 with ESX(i) 5?

    Thanks, again...

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    We are currently using it in production. Initially it had a major issue with rebooting, as the iscsi stack would cause the system to hang for a LONG time when booting. However, VMWare has issued a patch that resolved that problem. So long as you apply the patch it seems to work just fine. Though how it handles MPIO is somewhat different than before.

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    Oh, and we DID have trouble with a version of Open-E that was 3 versions old not working with the iSCSI. This was easily resolved by updating to the latest version though.

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    Thanks Diakiao!!!

    Can you tell us which small patch it is?

    Thanks again from the support team!
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Sure thing. The patch is here:

    It resolves the slow boot issue. Other than that I haven't noticed any other issues thus far .

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    Support team - jump on this like a 3 legged hamster running after a nut!
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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