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Thread: Failover or sync with more than 2 units

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    Default Failover or sync with more than 2 units

    Is it possible to synchronize (and/or provide failover) using more than 2 Open-E units?

    Ideal setup: 2x units in local failover/sync at data center. 1x unit offsite in sync with data center setup (not necessarily failover, just so there's a backup of the data).

    If not, is there any workaround or other way to get 3 units sync'd?

    I'm thinking (using fake numbers):
    At data center:
    1x Storage = 16TB
    1x Storage = 32TB (2 times 1st unit, split into 2x 16TB)
    1x Storage = 16TB

    At the data center, the 16TB unit would replicate to the 1st half of the 32TB unit... It would do snapshots (is that possible?) onto the second half of the 16TB unit, which would be replicating to the offsite 16TB unit?

    Sorry, just tossing out ideas. If anyone has done a 3 way replication/failover/sync, and could throw out some pointers, that would be great. I haven't tried yet (probably test it in VMware), but wanted to know if it's something that's easy, or if it'll come down to playing around and doing some workarounds.
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    with iSCSI it is not possible now.

    But you can use NFS with Failover. Just Setup NFS Failover with Volume Replication. And do a Data Replication from the NFS shares to the third system.


    1. Primary 16 TB DATA + Snapshot for Data Replication ( Size 2-3 time changed data)
    2. Secondary just 16 TB for DATA

    3. 16 TB DATA (may be more if you don't delete files during data Replication)

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    Thanks for the reply!

    Yeah, NFS would be fairly simple to implement, but was hoping there would be a way with iSCSI...

    I know we can do some workarounds (e.g. using NFS or other file system to store backups, etc...), and we are licensed for the VMware Virtual Storage Appliance (which is also capable of doing 3-way NFS storage cluster).
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