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Thread: slow replication speed 10G

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    Default slow replication speed 10G

    6 volumes each with 4000GB

    replicating over a CX4 - 10G direct connect

    Each of those 6 replication only runs at 41668 kB/s (72340 kB/s)

    This is shocking. Any tips?

    MTU for the interface has been set to 15000

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    set MTU to 9000

    and what speed did you set the tasks to?

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    What kind of hard disks and how many hard disks are you using? Which raid lvl? H/W Raid or S/W raid?

    Some additional infos might be good for a us to see if youre performance is competitive.
    How many MB/s did you choose for each replication task?

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    open-e support is too fast for me... ^^

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    the following was changed

    MTU changed to 9000

    Tested tasked speed 300M 400M and 600M

    Speed is still the same

    both units have 16 2TB drives on raid 6 using Adaptec 5805 MAXIQ

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    DRDB is set as following
    max-buffers 8000
    max-epoch-size 8000
    unplug-watermark 128
    sndbuf-size 2048
    al-extents 127
    no-disk-barrier off
    no-disk-flushes off

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    You have a combined Speed of 300MB per Second. For me it seems, that the raid is the bottleneck. Please check Write cache. ( Controller and HDD)
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    write cache is enabled for both raid controller and HDD

    Please take note that the HDD is 3G/s spec.

    If i am getting 300MB/sec ... i think that sounds about right ... but does it matter if I have 16 disks (spindles) thus the speed should be higher considering it is dedicated 10G link?

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    Yes the HDD is 3GB/s spec.
    But a single HDD will never do it.

    You have 16 disk with RAID6. I think 300 MB/s is not so bad. Should be a little bit more. May be up to 500MB/s.

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    Is the read Cache enabled?
    Is the write mode, Write back or Write through.
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