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Thread: DSS does not boot after crash

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    Default DSS does not boot after crash

    Hi there,

    my DSS V6 froze after creating a new share. The webinterface was not reachable anymore and the console froze, too.

    After resetting the machine, DSS did not boot anymore. Harddrives are ok and memtest shows no errors. After choosing the 64bit system the screen shows "Loading..." for a couple of seconds and the switches to a shell.

    In /var/log there is only a initrd.log with the last two lines saying:

    LIVECD: Something went wrong and we can't continue. This should never happen.
    LIVECD: Please reboot your computer with Ctrl+Alt+Delete . . .

    Can anyone tell me what to do? I need the data on this NAS.


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    It seems that the installed system you have get damaged, that could be happened if you have a bad media or an issue with the file system.

    Please run FSR (File System Repair) for your system as the following KB steps:

    If you have your DSS installed on USB/DOM, then try to move that DOM to a system with Windows operating system, and do a check disk (chkdsk command) for it ( or use any file system check tool), as that can fix it.

    If that doesn't help, then you need to re-install the DSS system.
    Or just use the trial DSS that you can install on a USB flash memory to access your data.

    Note: Your data should be in safe as the DSS is not installed on the same LUN where your data is.

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    Thanks for the hints. I cannot perform the FSR as recommended in the KB article since I cannot reach the command console.

    If I re-install DSS to the USB flash stick, will the new system recognize the old shares?

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    As it seems from your second post, that you cannot reach the Console Mode, and from that we can say that your installed system need to be checked or reinstalled.

    And Yes the new installed system can recognize your old shares, and if you already have a saved configuration/setting file, then you can apply it, so you can save the time to configure it manually.

    Save/reload your configuration and setup settings from the GUI in MAINTENANCE -> miscellaneous -> Function: Save settings (or reload them).

    Alaa Souqi

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