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Thread: Can't get WebAccess

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    Default Can't get WebAccess

    Hy there,

    I just wanted to test the Open-E Softwrae to provide me some NFS Shares and iSCSI in an development environment.

    My servers are running XenServer6. They have 2 quadcore processors and 96Gb RAM. (HP 460 blades).

    Now I installed the software into a xenserver vm. Install works find, network access and dhcp also. But if I start the webpage an port 443, ie says that the site cannot be accessed. Firefox states that the ssl key is too long.

    The port 80 website works fine and does the redirection.

    Same installation on an W2K8R2 HyperV server went fine and is working.

    Any ideas how to get it to work under XenServer 6?


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    When accessing the webgui using port 443, do you enter also https:// at the begging? If not then please try that.

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