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Thread: Update from up65_b5217 to actual version

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    Default Update from up65_b5217 to actual version


    I'm using Open-E with up65_b5217 version and I like to update all installations in the next weeks.

    1.) can I update directly to the newest version or do I have to install each version "in between"?

    2.) how to? Install Update on secondary/passive - reboot and if working, switch the nodes. Then update primary/passive?

    3.) I have some small patches from the support installed, should I uninstall them frist or can I overwrite with the actual version? (maybe the course issue is solved with the new version - I got some small patches about wrong ping node notifications)

    Thank you.

    BR, Manuel
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    You can update to the latest version. See the readme notes on how to update when using the Auto Failover or the video link below. Small updates that you have received would have to be investigated from the ticket but they do remain during the update but depending on the type the newer version may not work with the older small updates. Keep in mind there are 1000's of types of small updates that we produce for our customers.
    2010.10.12 How to update DSS V6 with Auto Failover
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