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Thread: S/W RAID clean, degraded

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    Default S/W RAID clean, degraded

    Hi there,
    I'm facing this problem now on an 8x2 TB RAID 5 array. The system seems to work fine and the data is still there, apparently. Despite that, when selecting RAID => S/W RAID => Unit MD0 from the web GUI, in the "Function: Info" frame, it reads "state: clean, degraded". Also, when going back to the "S/W RAID units" menu, unit S6 says "available", while the other 7 units are "in use, Unit MD0". How do I revert it back to the normal operating status?
    I have also read this:
    but it refers to another version of Open-E, and I'm not willing to try without knowing what I'm doing, and thus possibly destroy the data.

    Please help me out before it fails completely.

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    The data needs to be backed up, and the drive re-added to the array and rebuilt, as stated in the KB article.

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