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Thread: Open-E Test Installation

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    Default Open-E Test Installation


    I need to test iscsi Open-E Solution to replace an old SAN.
    This is my configuration and my test and i ask your advice.

    All firmware are up-to-date.

    OPEN-E Server
    Dell PE 2950, 16GB RAM, 8 cores
    Open-E is installed on PERC5i, RAID 1, SATA 7k 250GB drive

    my SAN test array is installed on PERC6E with Dell MD1000
    RAID 10, 4 x 146GB SAS 15K drive
    array param : write back + adaptative read ahead + stripe 256KB

    2 NIC broadcom 1GB for MPIO (each on different subnet)

    Esxi 5 host
    Dell PE2950, 16GB RAM, 8 core
    Esxi 5 is intalled on Local Raid1 146GB SAS 15k drive (hosting vm vswap)

    2 NIC broadcom 1GB for MPIO, RoundRobin 1iops (esxcli storage nmp......)
    using broadcom nic iscsi adapter


    2 switches 1GB netgear GS716T
    VM test : windows 2008 r2 datacenter + vmtools + 2 cores + 4GB RAM
    no jumbo frame

    iometer 2006 results

    Max Throughput-100%Read
    6680 IO/s, 215 MB/s, 8.6 ms

    1472 IO/s, 11.51 MB/s, 38.6 ms

    Max Throughput-50%Read
    7879 IO/s, 246 MB/s, 7.4 ms

    1446 IO/s, 11.30 MB/s, 39.2 ms


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    Where are your questions??

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    "This is my configuration and my test and i ask your advice."

    is my configuration right ?

    are these performances correct for this hardware/configuration ?

    is there some tips/hints to know for open-e beginners ?

    do i really need to change/adjust iscsi parameters (MaxBurstLength, ect...)


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