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Thread: 3ware firmware compatibilty with DSS v6

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    Default 3ware firmware compatibilty with DSS v6


    Can anyone tell me if the following 3ware firmware is compatible with the latest version of Dss V6 ( b5845). The reason for asking is we have an end-user using 3ware 9650SE-24M8 controllers in a 48bay system and both have been reporting the following messages on various disks a large number of times.

    Jan 24, 2012 07:19:22PM - Controller 4
    WARNING - Sector repair completed: port=21, LBA=0x4BA44C

    Jan 24, 2012 04:58:47PM - Controller 4
    WARNING - Sector repair completed: port=23, LBA=0x4BA44C

    Jan 24, 2012 01:55:46AM - Controller 3
    WARNING - Sector repair completed: port=4, LBA=0x4BA44C

    My query is the LBA=0x4BA44C is always the same. No matter what disk port the error occurs or whichever controller reports the message.

    Is the firmware compatabile with the other 3ware software bundled in the b5845 build of DSS V6 i.e. the 3DM2 gui etc ?



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    Driver should be fine w/ this build of DSS V6 and your firmware, I would check the RAID Controllers health, maybe re-apply the firmware, I have seen errors like this from 3Ware cards and after several reboots the effects pop up. I would also download the 3Ware logs and get them to the 3Ware guys as well to verify if this can lead to any ECC or chip errors.
    I have also seen where if the card is to hot weird errors can happen.
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    I've have had a lot of issues with the 9650SE range of cards.

    Intermittent dropping the card from the machines (the card completely disappears), very weird reporting on disk spindle speed's detected etc. They haven't been a very reliable card once we had the SANS with a fair bit of load on them the 9650's just seemed to die.

    We changes to LSI Megaraid cards and haven't looked back. (Both my SANS I just noticed coming up on 248 days uptime, compared to the 30-60 days before I'm very happy).

    I tried to deal with 3ware, supermicro (my mainboard) and went around and around in circles, each blaming each other, but no one wanting to solve the problem. I did move to a beta firmware that seemed to hold up better, but still couldn't trust the cards after having a 60+ machine VM Cloud go down several times, the only company that stood by me and supported me trying to work through these issues was open-e.


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