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Thread: ESXi 5 - using VMFS Datastores >2TB?

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    Default ESXi 5 - using VMFS Datastores >2TB?

    We can define VMFS5 Datastores larger than 2TB on ESXi 5.

    I have some questions?

    1. If we increase LV on DSS from 2TB to 4TB, is it possible to "increase&convert" 2TB (VMFS3) Datastore (originally created on ESXi 4.1) to 4TB (VMFS5) Datastore?

    2. I see, using one big LUN is much more flexible than 2 smaller, but if we compare the speed, is there any difference? By myself, I've noticed very low benchmark using GPT on Win64 systems. I know, this is very different OS, but...

    The transition to the a new VMFS5 is irreversible, it's good to know all possible traps.
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