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Thread: "no system volume found" after changing vg00 harddisks

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    Default "no system volume found" after changing vg00 harddisks


    my open-e NASR3 works with Intel-MB + LSI Megaraid Adapter1 + Adapter2
    + 12 Disks. Each Adapter has 6 Disks on.
    Have deleted the shares on vg00/lv0000, then deleted config on Megaraid-Adapter 1
    plugged in new/bigger disks, build new raid 5. No Manipulations on Raid Adapter2.
    After reboot = "no Sysvolume found", no access to any volumes and shares.

    In C-A-X > "select new Standard Volume Group" >I see only vg01 + vg02, but no vg00.
    In C-A-X > "restore LVM VG configuration" >I see autoconfigs from vg00 vg01 vg02.

    what is the first thing, I should do??

    Thx for hints...

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    select vg01 as the new system volume group, then restore the config to it or reconfigure all your settings.

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