I'm about to configure a synchronous Volume Replication with Failover over Lan and I'm having trouble understanding the part with the virtual IP-Adress. Maybe you guys can help me out understanding it.

The How-To says that I have to configure a bonding interface on each storage-system in the same subnet. That I understand. But then it says when you have to configure the actual failover that the virtual ip-adress has to be in a different subnet. Since all my clients are going to connect to that adress via ISCSI those clients have to be in the same subnet as the virtual ip and therefore connected on the same switch. Is it even possible to have different subnets on the same switch or do I have to configure VLANs for this to work?

At first I thought the physical adresses on the bonding interfaces are just dummy-ips. But the How-To shows that the Ping-Node is in the same subnet, as the bonding interfaces. So they can't be dummy ips.

My configuration would look like this:

Bonding Interface:
Virtual Interface (Failover):

Bonding Interface:
Virtual Interface (Failover):

Clients (Connecting to the Storage via ISCSI):
Interfaces: -

Every Interface would be connected to the same switch, without any V-Lans configured. Can this even work?

What am I missing here?

Would be very appreciated if you could help me out. Thanks.