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Thread: Use Static Discovery instead of Dynamic Discovery in VMware 5.0 settings

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    Default Use Static Discovery instead of Dynamic Discovery in VMware 5.0 settings

    Noticed on our ESXi 5.0 hosts:

    I try to enter iSCSI targets by type VirtualIP on Dynamic Discovery, first.
    After rescan process, there are list of all discovered targets on Static Discovery tab.
    Now, I can remove all list on Dynamic Discovery and physical IP targets on Static Discovery list.
    There are only VirtualIP targets left on the Static list.
    It's quite fast and "precise" methode.

    And it should work!?! Yes and NO

    It works till host is restarted.
    iSCSI targets entered using Dynamic Discovery methode are some-how not saved in host initial configuration , but manually entered targets are.
    So don't be lazy and define all targets with manual methode.
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    Already test the steps you mentioned, I already do the following :
    - Go to Dynamic Discovery, add VIPs, save and close the discovery window.
    - Go to Static Discovery, found all the VIPs there ( and removed the unwanted IPs ).
    - Save and close the window.
    - Run the Discovery window again, and all are there. so YES it should work fine.

    Also could you please let us know which DSS version/build that you were using when you did the mentioned steps? you may update or downgrade your build to see if that makes any difference.

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    One more thing, please check the format of the target name, as it should be like this:

    You can change the values of the host name, and the 'target0' but the format and punctuation must remain in order to enter them on the static tab in VMware.

    And as an example : iqn.2013-6:HOST.target7

    while the following example are wrong:

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