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Thread: nic bonding disconnect problem

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    Question nic bonding disconnect problem

    Hi Community,

    I'm running a licensed 16 TB Thecus NAS (Open-e DSS Lite Dom), Version 6.0up90.8501.5845 64bit, with an additional Intel Dual Server Gigabit Nic. Network is configured as follows:

    I receive the following messages from the nas:

    2012/03/28 19:15:55 kernel:[719063.860052] bonding: bond0: link status definitely up for interface eth0.

    2012/03/28 19:16:50 kernel:[719119.690054] bonding: bond0: link status definitely down for interface eth0, disabling it

    2012/03/28 19:16:53 kernel:[719122.740057] bonding: bond0: link status definitely up for interface eth0.

    Bond0 is always down for 3 seconds, then up again. I double checked switch configuration to be sure everything is correct. I'm running an Exomium NAS connected through the same switch without any problems. Is the problem, that eth0 and bond1 have the same ip-address? I can't explain myself what is causing the problem. I can exchange the NIC, I got another one for backup purpose.

    Thanks in advance,

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    sorry for double posting.. this topic here can be deleted..

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