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Thread: Loved Open-E! But now selling datacenter equip - any recommendations?

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    Question Loved Open-E! But now selling datacenter equip - any recommendations?

    So we are getting out of the hosting / full managed services business, and I'm wondering where the best place to sell off our Adaptec RAID (51245) w/ 32GB MaxIQ SSD Cache would be.. Any suggestions besides eBay/Craigslist?

    Also, we have 2 DSS v6 licenses, which I'm not sure can even be transferred or sold, so any information on that would be helpfull.. I hate to just let them goto waste since we wont be using them anymore, so had to ask!

    We had a great experience and performance with DSS v6 and will always recommend it to anyone looking for a complete SAN solution, etc.

    Thanks in advance for any information the community can provide!

    Shane / D2G

    P.S. I'm now located in Mountain View, CA / Silicon Valley and the equipment has already been pulled and is ready for sale - if that helps find a place to sell, buyer, etc.

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    Sorry to here this and hope you all the best in your next venture, we will help you transfer the DSS V6 to who ever you sell the systems to so dont worry about this part, just send in a ticket once you have the sold and we will assist you on the transfer.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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