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Thread: Wrong download link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by To-M View Post
    We wanted to modify some more improvements and it should be out by end of next week.
    In future, I would suggest that a more "direct" answer would be appropriate.

    By "direct answer" I mean:

    "We discovered some issues in ESX functionality when updating from older DSS V6 versions, so we have withdrawn the upgrade."

    Anything else can be seen as been deceptive.

    To be even more pro-active a message should have been posted to this forum advising users of the issues. ESX systems are core to many organizations, to not be advised of potential issues before the update is applied is not good.

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    Not impressed either. I had downloaded 6.0up95 a few weeks ago, but hadn't got around to restarting. Could have been nasty - you could have mentioned something.

    BTW - Did a restart tonight and found that my network ports on a NextGen card were missing. Without further ado went backto up80. That's when I found this.

    Any other issues we should know about?

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    We already released the RC build of up97. and that should help to solve your issues .

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