Hi Can anyone help me with the below,

I am currently trying to evaluate the DSS product with ESX4 ver 4.0.0 Build 164009. I have a HP Microserver with 250GB drive and a bootable DSS drive ver 6.0up90.8101.5845 64bit. The configuration seemed easy and straight forward and I have created the standard vg00 and then created a 50GB iSCSI logical volume and a 50GB NAS volume. From my ESX box I have then added the iSCSI storage this has worked fine no problem. But I am unable to connect to the NAS volume ? I get the following message
"Error during the configuration of the host: NFS error: Unable to Mount filesystem: The NFS server does not support MOUNT version 3 over TCP" I have checked that NFS opion is enabled, and that the NFS share access is set to allow all connection. The Synchronous and no root squash option are selected. I have also checked the firewall settings from ESX and enabled the NFS client ? I have rebooted and retested but still unable to connect to the NAS storage ??