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Thread: VMWare + OpenE MPIO 1G to 10G

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    Default VMWare + OpenE MPIO 1G to 10G


    i want to use OpenE with ESXi 5 and MPIO.

    We have five ESXi 5 with two 1G NIC for ISCSI connected to a single HP 2910al Switch. From the Switch we want to go witch two 10G NIC to the Dual 10G Lan Interface of the OpenE Server.
    10G from Switch to ESXi comes in one year...

    If i setup both nics on opene with different ips it should be possible to use MPIO, or? with max. 2G for each ESX...

    should i setup a virtual ip on opene or not? or is it best practise?



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    The following video should help you with details:
    From the link:

    Look for:
    Open-E DSS V6 MPIO with VMware ESX 4 and Win 2008

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    Thanks for this hint!

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    Works fine. Thanks. 5 ESXi with 2x1GBit each connected via HP 2910al to 2x10GBit DSS. MPIO and RR + JUMBO. 5x VMs 217MB/s very fine solution...

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    Curious, what type of HDDs and disk controllers are you running in your config? Separately, how are you measuring throughput?

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