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Thread: Quick Licensing Question

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    Question Quick Licensing Question

    is licesnce capacity based on usage or actually size or available size

    if i have 8 x 1 tb drives in a raid 5 that for some reason i only currently need 4tb of iscsi storage do i licence

    a) - 4tb im using
    b) - 8tb total size without raid
    c) - 7tb of actual size

    or as 8tb once raided and formated will come out at around 6tb i suppose thats an option to


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    Full version of DSS V6 will see the size of the RAID after is has been configured from the controller.

    8 x 1TB RAID 5 = 6.5TB configured, requires 8TB license.

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    and thats because 8Tb is the closest you can get with the licensing options

    so if there were 11x1tb disc in raid 5 that would be around 9.5 and if there were 2 controllers in the server 19tb so a 20 tb license would be ok ?


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    Yes, you should be fine with 20 TB license;

    Also check out RAID calculator available here:

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