I have installed DSS v6 trial on Dell R510 server with h/w RAID controller, two QLE2460 FC cards, and 12x 146GB and 2x 36GB SAS drives configured as 36GB RAID-1 system partition and two RAID-5 volumes: 5x and 6x drives with one global spare, so the total capacity is 1824GB, much less than 2TB. It was working fine until I applied a product key to convert it to DSS v6 Lite. After rebooting it reports "Total storage size exceeded licensed storage capacity. Please purchase license key for bigger capacity.", I can't access any configuration screens in the management GUI, when I ran hardware diag from the console it reports "_GB" for each unit - no size, just the empty space, there is something strange.
What can I do to troubleshoot this issue? I've seen some threads that FC volumes are reported back to the DSS when a server is connected to a FC switch (my case), I can recall after I upgraded to v6_b96 some time ago I saw three more units the same size as my configured FC volumes appeared as available units to create a new volume group.
Going though some old theads I found that the system volume is not counted in the total licensed capacity, could anybody confirm if it is true?