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Thread: Cant remove a NAS Volume

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    Default Cant remove a NAS Volume

    I have DSS V6 lite, one Volume Group and three logical volumes.

    lv0000 is NAS Volume
    lv0001 and 02 are iscsi volumes

    I want to remove lg0000 it is no longer in use and I woujld like to recover the space, there are no shares left on this volume, there are no users or groups assigned to this volume and yet in volume manager the remove button is still greyed out.

    Replication is set but can't be turned on because it is V6 Lite

    There are no running tasks.

    anyone have any ideas?

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    Go to the Console to delete your LVs.
    Select Remove LVs (Logical Volumes)
    After saying 'OK' to the warning, and entering the Console password, you will see a list of the LVs in your system.
    Select the LVs you want to remove by highlighting them with the arrow keys, and using your spacebar to select.
    Click Apply.
    Exit the console when completed.

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    You most likely have some task associated with this logical volume (Snapshot, or the iSCSI vol is still enabled) and you must remove it.
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