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Thread: Adding an additional iSCSI target to an existing failover setup

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    Question Adding an additional iSCSI target to an existing failover setup


    I'm currently running two units running version 6.0up97.8101.6335 64bit.

    I currently have failover setup and running with one iSCSi target which is being used by our vmware ESXi 4.1 farm. I've just added a new RAID 10 array, created a new volume group and new iscsi target and configured the volume replication on both boxes.

    Now for the question, can i just add the new replication task in the failover setup whilst failover is still running for the new iscsi target to become visible to vmware or do i have to shutdown all my VM machines stop the failover service add the replication task, restart failover service and startup all my VM's?

    docs online suggest the latter but the online help suggests you can so not sure if this is something that's been added in a recent release.

    any help greatly recieved.



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    Yes you can add the task to the Failover with this latest release. We didnt have time to update the manual.
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    remember in this scenario(adding tasks to failover), be sure the replication is complete before adding them.

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    Thanks for the quick response, that will save me a lot of time.



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