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Thread: Upgrade V6 Lite 4TB to V7 Lite 4TB

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    Default Upgrade V6 Lite 4TB to V7 Lite 4TB

    This is my first post, could not find any references to upgrading Lite editions.
    I would like to know how we can upgrade our DSS V6 Lite with 4TB storage extension to DSS V7 Lite. Does it require us us to purchase the storage extensions again?
    Also, we want to add a secondary system with data file replication over WAN to this setup, will it work in V7 Lite?


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    Upgrading DSS V6 Lite with an extension to DSS V7 Lite with an extension is not a free upgrade unless you purchased your V6 key on or after May1st 2012.
    Replicating to another DSS Node over WAN is not supported in the free Lite version:
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