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Thread: Install DSS 7 on Hardware Raid 1

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    Default Install DSS 7 on Hardware Raid 1


    I want to install DSS 7 on a LSI MegaRAID Virtual Drive RAID 1. I created the virtual drive and set the virtual drive bootable!
    The DSS installer dont found the virtual drive, it only founds each hdd. But I dont want to install DSS on one HDD, I want to install the DSS System on the virtual drive (Raid 1).
    Can anyone help me?

    Thank u

    best wishes

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    I hope following material will help you with installation, especially following entry Installing the DSS V6 on a 2GB RAID Volume from webcasts and videos section
    Enjoy !

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    Thank you for your replay.
    We have had issues with die MegaRAID Configuration. We fix it.

    Best regards

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