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Thread: Blank Network Card - Begin with eth6

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    Default Blank Network Card - Begin with eth6

    Hello everybody,

    we have two san server. They have exactly the same hardware and konfiguration. Each NIC- and RAID Card are on the same PCI-E Slot on both server!

    We install the first Server, everything ok. Wie have 6 eth Interfaces begin with eth0 to eth5.
    After that, we install the secound server. not ok!! We have 6 eth Interfaces begin with eth6 to eth11. Thats not all.... wie have blank entrys! Picture:

    We installed the server a secound time... doesnt work.

    Does anybody have the same problem or a solution?

    Thank you

    best regards

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    From the DSS V7 console screen, access the CNTRL+ALT+X menu, and choose to reset network configuration to factory defaults, and reboot.

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    Thank you! It works!

    best regards

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