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Thread: Upgrade from DSS V5 b3518 32-bit directly to DSS V7

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    Default Upgrade from DSS V5 b3518 32-bit directly to DSS V7


    We have one customer which is (still) using DSS V5 b3518 in 32-bit mode with 32-bit (volume groups) iSCSI targets and NAS_shares.
    This storage was working for about 3 years without any major problem

    Now, they found interesting new DSS V7.
    So, they wonder if it is possible to upgrade from DSS V5 b3518 32-bit directly to DSS V7?
    With maintaining all data (on iSCSI_targaets and NAS_shares) available.
    Setup&Configuration would be saved in DSS V5 and then restored in DSS V7.
    Of course, they need to purchase full DSS V7 licence.
    Is this possible?

    And one more thing:
    As far as I saw, new DSS V7 has no longer 32-bit item in BOOT menu.
    So it always BOOT in 64-bit mode.
    Can DSS V7 64-bit recognise and work with 32-bit volume_groups?

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    They would need to upgrade to DSS V6 first. The DSS V6 settings can port over to DSS V7.
    Since DSS V7 is 64bit only, the data will need to be backed up, new 64bit volumes created, and data restored.

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    Well, It is not that easy to go directly from DSS V5 to V7.

    First, please have a look to the following KBs:

    The best and fastest way will be to save all the data to another backup storage, and set up the system from scratch with DSS V7 then copy back (restore) the backup date to it.

    As the V7 is a 64Bit only, so the best to deal with 32/64bit is to format the old 32 as 64bit and copy the data back to it. With V6, we have a small update tool that allow 64bit system to deal with 32bit, but we still recommend the above steps(backup data, create from scratch).

    Saving settings/configurations from V5 and applying them to V7 is not tested, and we are not sure if that can work with no issues or not.
    Beside the RAID controller Firmware must be updated when dealing with the latest builds of DSS V6 or V7.

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