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Thread: How do I opne a firewall Port

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    Default How do I opne a firewall Port

    I am using backupexec 2012 to back up a share on one of my open-e nas boxes. Backup exec takes a long tine to display the share. It does eventually show the contents of the share but can take of to 10 or 15 minutes

    When I talked to symantec support the point me to the following link, basically they suggest I need to open port TCP 135 of NAS

    how do I do this?

    Thanks Peter

    Backup Exec 2012 console remains a message "Inserting resource container..." for a long time when adding CIFS enabled NAS as File server.

    Model: Data Storage Software V6
    Version: 6.0up13.8101.3902 64bit

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    1- the port is open by default.
    2- you have a very old build of DSS V6, please update to latest version.

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    when I try to look for updates I get the following error

    Unable to connect to update server.

    I have checked and proxy/cache settings are correct


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    Can you ping to the outside? Test from the Console Tools in the Ping function. Also you can download the ISO from the link below or from your User Portal.
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    Also you can get the ISO files for update from user portal at:

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