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Thread: SMB Service

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    Default SMB Service

    can you reset the SMB service without rebooting the system.

    when trying to get to the SMB shares my windows machines i get "a device attached to the system is not functioning" its not just 1 workstation but any workstation get this

    was going to reset just the SMB but can't see how to do this


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    To reset SMB >

    This function resets existing connections to force the connecting users to follow the changes you have made to share access rights.
    The function is dedicated to SMB and FTP connections. You can check or uncheck corresponding boxes.
    This function disconnects all users connected to the shares on the specified protocol, which may lead to data loss, if any files are open.

    MAINTENANCE -> Connections -> Function: NAS connections reset.
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    hi this didn't work i'm scheduling a reboot to see if we can regain access to SMB shares

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    Thanks for update. Please let us know what is the outcome from your end then after reboot. Also if necessary please raise a support ticket so we will be able to investigate the logs and the behaviour you are experiencing.

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