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Thread: disconnect host binding - doesnt work

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    Default disconnect host binding - doesnt work


    we want to delete the volume replication. We deleted everything. LUNs, virual IPs and ISCSi Targets... and last but not least we did want to disconnect the host binding.
    On the first server everthing works fine. on the secound on, we have only the host binding left. There is no entry in the log. no error message... nothing. The status is "reachable".

    Does enybody have an idea?

    Thank u for an feedback

    best regards


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    Try to remove the replication assignment from the volume manager for the iSCSI volume from where you created it in the volume manager from the "action" pull down arrow and modify the iSCSI volume to remove the replication assignment.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Hello Todd,

    your solutions didn't work for me. I have had already delete the iscsi. Only the host binding from server 2 is left.
    If I create a new on, and do it like you told me, it still the same.

    Is it possible to reset all settings without the network settings?
    best regards


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    I found a solution.
    Reboot the first server and press disconnect at the same time. that works for me ;-)

    best regards

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    I was just typing a reply to you , I was going to tell you to reboot your system.

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