I've just connected an Infortrend EonStor A08U-G2421 array to an Open-E Lite 6.0UP97 32-bit server (Dell PowerEdge 750) via an Adaptec 29320ALP SCSI controller. Open-E is quite happy with the Adaptec card, no errors and drivers load ok. The EonStor manages the RAID itself, so just presents a single LUN to the host, which looks fine on boot. Infact, Open-E 'sees' everything ok from what I can tell, yet as marked the EonStor as 'NOT SUPPORTED' when I try to create a new VG!

There's absolutely nothing special with the setup, so I'm pretty shocked by this message. We've just bought a 2TB expansion license as well. Is there anything that can be done about this, or is that pretty much it?