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Thread: Authenticating against ISCSI

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    Default Authenticating against ISCSI


    I apologize for the totally noob question, but I am stuck.

    First, when setting a CHAP password, are special characters such as $%^&#@! allowed?

    Second, what is the difference between a target and a node? I have attempted to determine this but it is not at all clear to me.

    Third, if I have a CHAP password on the iSCSI device, but not the volume, is the password for the node or the target?

    Lastly, is the username the initiator name?

    Thank you for any replies.

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    Special character usage can be found in 'help' on the CHAP area.
    A target is what the initiator will connect to, a node is the server where it resides.
    CHAP is applied per target.
    Username is as defined in CHAP setup.

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