a while back I installed dss v6 lite to test out in my VM Lab, and since I set it up and it has been pretty much set and forget, and also since this is really only used for occasional development I didn't even realize that I hadn't activated my free license key. Anyway, when I discovered that the iSCSI bandwidth throttled back due to the trial period expiring, I went to address the activation of my key...here's where the problem lies. I can see no way to activate from the console, and when I login to the web GUI it always takes me to the initial setup screen and will take me no further, no matter what I do thus I cannot activate. How can I get back to the screen where I input my key for activation? I have about 8 Virtual Machines that live on this storage, but given the painfully slow bandwidth it would take way too long to migrate off to re-install and license...Help.