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Thread: Windows Offline Folders

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    Default Windows Offline Folders

    Can you advise what SAMBA version open-e DSS v6 is running as we have an issue synchronising offline folders with windows Vista and MS Technet says that to support windows vista the server needs to be running samba version 3.0.22 or later, if it is running an earlier version of samba what version is DSS v7?
    Our product version is v6.00 up90 5845

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    On DSS V7 6806 we are running Samba, v.3.6.7 on latest version of V6 6335 it is 3.5.4 versions even with the old V6 version that you have we are way above 3.0.22. We even have a small update for V6 to crank it up to 3.6.6.
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