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Thread: NAS R-3 Storage Space not all available

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    Default NAS R-3 Storage Space not all available

    Created a volume group then created a NAS Volume. Then decided I wanted it sized differently so went through the process to delete the Volume through the Extended tools, option 14 which did delete the volume and volume group, but now when I go to create a new volume, the total size of my raid array is smaller by the amount I created the original volume which was deleted. How do I get this space back?

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    Go to Configuration > Volume Manager then go to the Unit Manager, here you should see the Status of the Volume Groups. If not try the Rescan button above. Then select the Unit to add to existing VGx or create new Volume Group. Now you should have the vg00 or vgxx on the left panel, click on this to access the Volume manager. You should have your space available for use. If this is NAS-R3 Enterprise please place in the proper post for future. Thanks!
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