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Thread: Recommended Hardware RAID

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    Question Recommended Hardware RAID


    I'm looking forward to build a NAS with 16x HDD RAID10, can anyone recommend me a RAID card? Anyone of you have any experience of using an internal 16-port RAID card? Thank you.

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    You can find a list of the compatible hardware and RAID controllers at the following link:

    Also you can find the RAID calculator at:

    And do you want it as a SAS or SATA card? in general, all the brands in our compatible list are recommended, and you can check each card, brand website to find the best model that meet the details that you are looking for.

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    I couldn't find the model Adaptec RAID 71605 in HCL. May I know if this card is supported? Thanks.

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    I'd strongly recommend ARECA controllers. The independent, out of band management is really critical.
    It just so happens that I'm a reseller lol. Let me know if you want a quote on a 1880!

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    I have build my solution just 2 month ago. My bust suggestion is to use Intel/LSI card like the RMS25PB080 + the FAST PATH I/O that enable SSD cache. It works great, it's compatible with Open-e. Performance are great. My configuration is based on a entry level server with a Xeon E3 + the raid above and 6HDD in RAID 10 + SSD cache. Easy to configure and easy to manage.

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    Default LSI RAID Controller Firmware 5.6 not compatible with Open-E

    Just one hint for LSI Megaraid owners: Donīt upgrade your card to the 5.6 Firmware ! It is not compatible at the moment with Open-E Version 7.0up07.xxxx.7356 2013-02-15 b7356 and earlier. The volumes are not recognized at all. ! If you buy a Card with the new software installed you have to downgrade to 5.5. This can be done with a special flag called "noverchk" for the MegaCli command: "MegaCli -adpfwflash -f <older fw file name> -noverchk -a0"
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    Which card are you talking about ?
    Changing the firmware code that drastically would be a first for LSI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gr-R View Post
    Which card are you talking about ?
    Changing the firmware code that drastically would be a first for LSI.
    I am talking about the whole MegaRAID Line, like the MegaRAID 924x, 926x, 927x and 928x RAID Controllers. The new driver MR 5.6 (Linux Version 6.506.00.00-2) is out from Mar 02, 2013 and replacing the MR 5.4 (Linux Version 6.504.01.00-02) from Oct 08, 2012. The funny thing is that you recently released a "new" LSI Driver on April 04, 2013 in your "Engineering Phase" section but is was still the old 6.504.01.00-02 driver from last year....

    So, yes this is drastic code change and the warning is still active....
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    I am using a 9271-8iCC and 9266-8i (plus CacheCade). The volumes are recognized, but the performance is unexpectedly slow. Is this related?

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    Quick question, what would the settings ( Read Policy, Cache Policy,Disk Policy, write policy etc..) be for the SSD Cache Virtual disk in open-e and then what would the settings for the other virtual disks that is associated with the SSD Cache virtual disk.

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